Ginger didn’t know this yet but her exhaustion was one of the components leading to the visitations. He takes advantage of weakness, any type of weakness, physical, emotional or spiritual, to become stronger. He uses it against you, as well as, strife, stress, unhappiness, any turmoil in one’s life can draw him to you like a magnet. He’s a black hole of all that’s negative and wrong in the world.

That horrible and terrifying night Ginger had gotten into bed just as she always did. She turned off the light and set her alarm, but tonight, about thirty seconds after her head hit the pillow, she began hearing a loud energy sound, like the vibratory humming of high voltage power lines… The sound… that Ginger will begin to learn… announces He’s coming.

In the same instance, she also became physically paralyzed literally powerless to move any part of her body whatsoever except weirdly enough she could open her eyes and look around the room. But absolutely nothing else, not even a finger no matter how much she struggled. She tried to scream, and that first night she thought she had screamed, but He paralyzes the voice too. She’ll eventually realize that she is also powerless to call out for help, and ultimately, she will have to accept that He is inevitable and unavoidable.

But that first night The Hat Man just spoke to Ginger. She could feel his breath on her neck as he whispered in her ear ever so gently and quietly in his raspy deep voice…, “I’m going to kill you, but not until I’m done having fun with you.”

The Hat Man can do anything he wants because his victims can’t move and can’t fight back. They can’t call for help even when someone is close by, and for Ginger that was exactly what happened that night and for many to come.