My name is Nancy Trembley. I was born Nancy Jill Pichon in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. In my twenties, I entered the Army and served four years where I met my husband Christopher Trembley. After the military, we settled our family of two children in a quaint area of Saint Paul, Minnesota where I returned to school at the University of Minnesota and studied to become an interior designer.

My account of The Hat Man is a fictional story, but is based largely on actual events which are so bizarre and terrifying, I feel compelled to share my story.

At the age of sixteen, I began to be plagued at night by a strange entity. At first, I thought I was dreaming and eventually thought I was losing my mind. The terrifying apparition is always the same–a man in a wide brimmed hat and a long jacket. I know his arrival is imminent by the loud vibratory humming that sounds like high voltage power lines. As soon as I hear the humming I instantaneously become completely paralyzed except that I can move my eyes. I am unable to speak or scream– complete paralysis–and then He is there, standing before me. All I ever see is a black, faceless figure, resembling a black paper cut out, only three dimensional and inhumanly fast. He has stalked me in Ohio, Georgia, and several locations in Germany and Minnesota.

What I discovered later is that I am not the only one who sees Him! There are hundreds of thousands of people in every country all around the world who see… The Hat Man. If you would like to get in touch to tell me your story  send an email to the

And this is my story!


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