It never would have occurred to me to even consider this idea as I’ve been being visited by the Hat Man for so many years just Him. Then some time in my forties He came one night but not alone, there were two women with Him and their sole purpose seemed to be to mock and humiliate me, and generally egg the Hat Man on to do horrible things to me, not that He needed coaxing.

What was really weird was what they were wearing, so unlike the Hat Man with His wide brimmed hat and long jacket. They instead, were wearing body suits like Cat Woman. The body suits sparkled. The neck was a turtle neck, the suit was tight fitting all the way to their wrists and ankles. Like Cat Woman I think they had some sort of belt and high boots to their knees. Also, unlike the Hat Man, I could make out faces with eyes, nose and mouth. They were in shadow so it was hard to really see them but they definitely had faces. They had long flowing hair I think one was a red head the other had black hair. They looked to be very physically attractive.

It’s so weird they only came once in almost twenty-five or so years, just once, but what’s weirder is someone, at least one other person, has been visited by similar beings. One day I was watching a documentary called The Nightmare on Netflix. Much of the documentary are people who have been visited by the Hat Man telling their true-life experiences, then one guy started talking about a weird experience with the Hat Man who usually came alone, but this guy began talking about one night when two other beings came with the Hat Man. My hackles rose as he described two men in black body suits with turtle necks. They showed a reenactment and I couldn’t believe the similarities. I always thought it was weird so many people see the Hat Man with His strange outfit, why a wide brimmed hat and long jacket, but now at least two people have seen these other beings and similarly dressed but unlike Him. Too many weird coincidences.

I think these beings are yet from another dimension not His exactly but not sure where. I sense they come from a place that’s generally very good, higher thinking beings but these few are the worst of their kind. It’s just a sense, call it a psychic sense, but I think where they’re from they have mastered or have the ability to travel to other dimensions easily, but I think they normally don’t, only the bad ones. I wonder if others have seen these beings with the Hat Man?