I believe the Hat Man is an entity from another dimension. I think he is traveling to our and possibly other dimensions for various reasons. First, I think he is finding people that have special auric qualities and have a natural ability to astral project.

For those of you who haven’t heard of astral projection it’s a process by which individuals go into a meditative like state, a place between consciousness and sleep, and manipulate their astral body separating it from the physical body. The astral body is the life force or soul. The astral body is connected to the physical body by a cord which stays attached to the body no matter how far away from the body the individual may go. The only time the cord is ever severed is at death and it’s thought only God has the power to sever the cord.

According to the psychics all humans when they sleep naturally release the astral body it typically floats above the physical body while we sleep without the individual ever knowing it’s happening, but those who have the ability to project begin to learn to control this release and can move about with awareness and remember the adventures once back in the body.

I read about a quantum physics major at Berkley in California who practiced astral projection between classes. First, he just traveled around his room, then the house, then the neighborhood, eventually going to different dimensions talking with different entities some of which discussed quantum physics and how it applied to dimensional travel.

It’s believed that Quantum physics in itself is another dimension since the forces are the opposite of our existing dimension and don’t apply to this dimension the one we eat, sleep, and work in presently.

I believe the second reason The Hat Man is coming to us is He is siphoning energy from us becoming stronger. He always terrorizes the individual. I’ve been seeing him since I was fourteen and I’m now fifty-three, and hands down my experiences with the Hat Man have been the scariest experiences of my life and although I always tell myself I’m going to be brave, relax and release myself from his hold by purposefully projecting, I’m always surprised by how afraid I become, and in that moment, all I want to do is get away so I mentally, emotionally and spiritually freak out. I fight as hard as I can against his hold and then either he releases me, or my husband can hear or feel me struggling as if I were tied up and gagged next to him struggling. My husband might touch my arm to help release me, and it does, but it feels like someone has reached across time and space, and yanked me back in my body. In the grasp of the Hat Man my husband’s touch feels almost violent, immediately bringing me back.

I know… we know, we aren’t dreaming. It’s very different from a dream. First my head is usually only on the pillow for a few minutes. Even my husband has said “there’s no way you could have been dreaming you just laid down.” How can I have the same reoccurring nightmare as hundreds of thousands of other people all over the world? It’s all too queer that we not only see the same person but a guy in a wide brimmed hat and long jacket…really! Wouldn’t most Americans at least in this decade see a guy in a baseball hat and short jacket? And every last one of us first hear the loud vibratory humming of high voltage power lines, and we all become paralyzed in the same way with eyes open but that is all we control. He touches us and It can be felt for real. He manipulates our bodies in similar ways. No one has ever seen a face just black. This is a worldwide phenomenon but the average person who hasn’t seen Him knows nothing of this.

Even weirder, once, just once, two women were with Him but oddly they were dressed even weirder and nothing like someone from His world or ours. They both looked to be very pretty with long thick hair. The women had faces but they were standing in the doorway in shadow so I couldn’t see the details. They were evil too and kept egging The Hat Man on to hurt me. The women were dressed in tight body suits from neck to ankles. The body suits were black but sparkly or iridescent. The neck was a turtleneck the sleeves were long and tight and they had high boots to their knees. The body suit reminded me of Cat Woman and had a similar belt. I only saw them once but then years later I was watching TV and saw a documentary on people who have had paranormal experiences many of which were dealing with the Hat Man. One guy had two guys in body suits accompany the Hat Man one night. The guy described the exact same outfits only it was two men. How can this be only a nightmare? I think not! too many weird details, too many people who see and experience the same thing.

In recent years, I found if I drink a glass or two of wine before bed he doesn’t come. I feel like a coward keeping Him away and want so much to be brave and fight back somehow. Once many years ago I actually astral projected accidently. It started like a visit from Him. First, I heard the load humming of the high energy power lines, but I didn’t feel paralyzed and wasn’t afraid, then suddenly I was floating feet first around my bedroom. I looked down and saw my body lying on the bed as if asleep. I began to fly faster and faster, then all of a sudden, the thought popped in my head I was going to fly into the mirror so I got scared, because I thought if this happened I might not come out, so with this thought, I was suddenly back in my body.

My goal going forward is to learn to astral project on command, then skip the wine and wait for Him to come again. Like in my books I want to astral project just as He paralyzes me and try and release myself and follow Him back to His dimension, or at least throw Him off His game and let Him know we are tired of this harassment, and want to know who He is, what He wants, and where He’s from.