I used to think shadow people were just ghosts you saw out of the corner of your eye, and I guess that’s true too, but there’s more to it than that. What I didn’t know is, The Hat Man is one of the categories of shadow people. Some believe the Hat Man, and some other shadow people, are from another dimension, which I agree. Other than the Hat Man, the only other shadow people I’ve ever seen are the ones that move at the periphery of my vision but when you turn to look they’re gone. I don’t feel any malice from these shadow people and I think they’re just ghosts, or potentially people from another dimension bleeding through to ours. If they’re ghosts they may just want acknowledgement, but also may be living vicariously through the human. I live in a haunted house and I consistently, among other things, see someone walk past my kitchen window many times over especially when I do dishes at my kitchen sink, but this usually happens during the day, of course at night we have the blinds closed. I think this type of shadow person could also be a residual haunting which is just an energy memory of an event, usually traumatic. Think of the recording of Princess Leia from R2D2, a message repeating in a loop.

The Hat Man, on the other hand, only comes at night, and not in my dreams but just before the dream state. I think he comes specifically at this time since it’s the best time to capture the astral body. It’s believed that all humans release their astral body during sleep and that it floats above the physical body attached by a silver cord. The cord can only be severed in death and it’s believed only God can sever this cord. I think He comes right before the astral body separates then paralyzes us and experiments with the loosely attached astral body. He talks to me and touches me while I’m in the paralysis. I think most of us that have been visited by Him feel he is intentionally trying to terrorize his victims probably to siphon the enormous energy released in the fear. I’ve tried so hard not to be afraid. I feel if I can conquer the fear I can conquer Him, but He knows that. He knows how hard it is not to be afraid that’s how he keeps hold through the fear. Maybe if one could just let go and relax he would lose hold of us, but it’s so much easier said than done. I think if we could leave our astral body just before he tries to paralyze us maybe we could escape the paralysis and be freely in the same realm as Him. My ultimate goal is to do this and try and follow Him as he leaves.

Some believe The Hat Man is an alien, one of the greys, which really freaks me out and made my hackles go up. All who see the Hat Man describe Him as unusually tall, if he’s one of the greys, that may explain why he’s so tall. And the way he’s dressed it’s like he’s trying to fit in and look like one of us, but it’s as if he adopted the outfit in the 1930’s or something and continues to use the disguise not realizing he’s becoming dated. Not only do I think taking energy is a goal, but I think he is experimenting with certain people, maybe with a higher chance of being capable to astral project, or with a certain type of aura or energy. He often would drag me towards the end of the bed by my ankles, my vision would shift as I moved like I was really moving, but it must have been my astral body he’s manipulating, because when I come out of it my eyes are open and my actual body hasn’t moved.

I think what I find the weirdest are the two women that came with him once, I’ve mentioned them before. And I believe at least one other person has been visited by similar beings only two men, but dressed just like my two women. The Hat Man has always been solid black with absolutely no features even when he is right in my face, which is why he’s considered a shadow person, but what about the two-strange woman? Although they had black clothing from neck to toe, their faces had actual facial features and were physically pretty. They were in shadow as the room was dark, so I couldn’t identify them in a line-up, but they definitely had eyes, noses, and mouths, and they had long flowing hair and physically fit bodies. Their ugliness was in their association with The Hat Man. Maybe he brought them to gloat and brag, but it seemed like they were working together. The women, as I’ve said in my previous entries, would egg The Hat Man on. I think these women, I call them Lamilia in my later books, come from yet another dimension. I think their dimension is a higher thinking, more progressive dimension, but I think those that come here with Him are the lowest of their kind and are getting paid in some way or seeking some kind of thrill. I have absolutely no proof of this, it’s just a feeling.

Some shadow people are reported to be solid black and have red laser like eyes, not like regular eyes just two red glowing dots. I’ve never seen these entities but some report the Hat Man with these red orbs as well. For me He’s just black, no features.

So, what do shadow people want? My feeling is, it depends on the type of shadow person you’re dealing with. In summery many shadow people especially the ones out of the corner of your eye are most likely harmless ghosts caught here on earth for any number of reasons. These shadow people usually are not malicious and are typically lost and/or confused. The best way to deal with any ghosts or unwanted energy is to sage your living space (see how to sage at the end of this post). Also, you have the power to make them leave. It’s important to be fearless because any shadow person can benefit from fearful energy, it makes them stronger, but most typical ghosts aren’t trying to take your energy they just want validation. Remember most ghosts were just regular nice people like you or me and are the same in death.

The other categories of shadow people are more complicated. I believe these others are coming from one, or more likely, several dimensions potentially including some type of aliens. These shadow people seem to have a more malicious goal in mind and definitely there are experiments being done, the question is are these experiments astral, physical or both. Also, these beings are definitely interested in our life force but why? I believe it has to do with certain people and their particular life force and auric qualities.

Maybe the fact that they have no faces is indicative of their real identity. Maybe they are just energy forms with no physical characteristics. Possibly the Hat Man outline is purposefully meant to ultimately be identified my many. The goal may be to create this worldwide phenomenon to add to the hype and mystery, which in turn, creates more fear and hysteria. Maybe this entity or entities are marketing themselves as well.

How to Sage a Space:

Purchase bulk white sage (not the sage used for cooking), I also recommend Santo Palo wood which can be burned with the sage and has a wonderful smell. Both can be purchased online. Sage can be found in bulk at most whole foods or holistic grocery stores.

You’ll need a fire-proof container to burn the sage (something you can hold in your hand and safely walk through your house while the sage smolders). I purchased a half clam shell used for saging. You will also need something to fan the smoke, I use a large feather, you could potentially use your hand.

See Picture, Items Used:

Bottom: Feather
Right: Sage
Left: Santo Palo Wood
Top: Clam Shell on Stand

I start on the lowest level of my home and work my way upwards. There must be one window open in each room for negative energy to escape.

Put a couple of large tablespoon of sage in the half shell, or fireproof container, I also add a stick of Santo Palo. If you use Santo Palo light that first like an incense (light it and let it burn for about thirty seconds so there is a good glow on the end then blow out), then light the sage and carefully, gently blow it out so it’s smoldering (be careful not to blow too hard you don’t want to blow the sage out of the container). I Lay the burning hot tip of the Santo Palo right at the center of the sage so their scents intermingle.

Now fan the smoke into the air. As you fan the smoke go around the room working the energy toward the open window. And as you fan the smoke, say the Lord’s prayer over and over and in between gently and kindly tell spirit they need to go home. Do this in each room of your home, you may have to periodically relight the sage/Santo Palo wood. When your done you may notice the air feels lighter and there may be a positive change in energy, depending on how negative the energy was to begin with.

Good Luck