“Right now the Synchronizers are in cloak mode. In cloak mode there is a computer generated, almost holographic display technology, which creates a simple watch face. And although they do keep time, and can be used as a watch, there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye.”

Jamie pointed to a white button in the lower right corner, and then pushed it. Suddenly light came out, coning out at first, and then somehow, at the top, flipped over on itself, and became a rectangular holographic computer screen. The screen hovered at Jamie’s eye height, staying at that height no matter if his arm moved up or down.

Each necklace was almost identical, but for three small stones. The main part of the necklace was ellipsoidal, round the size of a quarter, but disk shaped and hollow like a locket, and like a locket, it had a tiny clasp that could be opened. The piece itself was resplendent polished silver, but lace like, a delicate pattern that you could see into and through. Inside the locket like disk, seen through the intricately patterned metal, was a multi-faceted yellow crystal. And, hanging from the locket were three tiny feathers, slightly set apart from each other, each a different color, black, yellow and white, in that order, from left to right with the yellow one in the middle hanging straight down.

“Look at this!” Sadie was pointing at the heart rocks on the table. “They fit together like puzzle pieces.”

Ginger distractedly looked at the rocks, and then did a double take. Sadie was right. The two rocks, which were almost perfect hearts, had obvious tops and bottoms, in other words they were more perfect on one side. When the rocks sat with their best sides up, they fit together so masterfully it was as if they had been created to be together, like two intertwined sculptures. The two anomalous edges fit together so perfectly when pushed together they looked as if they had been cut apart by a precision machine, like a Mizpah from the same stone.