Ginger thought she had gone into this room before, but she didn’t remember this mirror. How could she miss it, it was gorgeous? The mirror was full length, probably close to seven feet. “Rex I think this is worth a lot more than they realize. I want to get this, it’s an unbelievable find. Help me look on the back.”

“I must say Ginj it’s really nice, it would be perfect for the front hall.”

Ginger studied the mirror for several minutes. “Rex this may be very old, this is an older mirror technology. I believe its German maybe from the eighteenth century. Be careful handling it they actually used mercury to coat the back, and although there should be a coating over the mercury, it might be damaged.” Ginger almost felt an energy coming off the mirror. She was immediately attracted to it like a magnet. “Look at the detailing in the wood frame it’s a beautiful vermeil.” She said, as she gently rubbed her fingertips over the intricate woodwork.

They got the mirror home and wanted to hang it right away, so they worked together, and with some additional help from Chase they were able to hang it in the front hallway. “It looks exquisite!” Ginger said emphatically, absolutely tickled with her purchase.

Chase on the other hand didn’t share his mother’s enthusiasm. “I think it’s kind of creepy, it looks ancient!”

“It is ancient silly, it’s from the eighteenth century, I’m sure it has a lot of cool history. Wouldn’t it be great if we could see all the places it’s been, everything it’s seen.”

“I don’t think so Mom. It gives me the heebie jeebies. I guess you like it because you’re ancient.” He laughed, pleased with himself as he went to the kitchen for a snack.